What Is A
Shepherd'​s Center?

Drivers Are Currently Needed.

Where Are Shepherd Centers Located?
Volunteering is easy. A simple transportation software program makes it possible for YOU to choose how many rides you provide each month and where you drive. Choose the ride request that is convenient for you, let the Client know when you will pick him/her up, meet the client at the agreed-upon date and time, and return the client home after the appointment. Interested?

We use our volunteers to:

  • Transport our senior clients to medical, dental and therapy appointments and to the WFCM Food Pantry
  • Manage operations
  • Provide office staff support 
  • Assist with technology, website management
  • Provide governance (Board members, officers, treasurer), vision and leadership as we grow and expand offerings
  • Be the voice of organizations that partner with SCWFC.  Please consider becoming our agent within your respective faith group, community group, civic organization, fraternal order, or other groups with whom you associate. 
  • Assist with volunteer recruitment
  • Publicize information about the SCWFC so that potential clients and volunteers alike become familiar about our services.