Providing meaning and purpose for adults throughout their mature years.

Shepherd's Center of Western Fairfax County

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What is a Shepherd’s Center?

Shepherd’s Centers of America (SCA) ( is a national network of more than 60 interfaith, community-based, volunteer organizations that provide meaning and purpose for adults throughout their mature years. SCA’s role is to build and support this nationwide network of member organizations. Shepherd’s Centers all have a commonly understood mission to empower older adults to use their wisdom and skills for the good of their communities. Shepherd’s Centers provide low/no cost services and enrichment programs for our elderly clients.

What Shepherd’s Centers operate in our area of northern Virginia?

There are four mature, established Shepherd’s Centers in NOVA: Shepherd’s Center of Oakton-Vienna (, Shepherd’s Center of McLean-Arlington-Falls Church (, Shepherd’s Center of Annandale-Springfield (, and Shepherd’s Center of Fairfax-Burke ( These centers have been of service to Fairfax County seniors for 8-16 years. Each offers a rich set of low/no cost services—assisted driving for medical appointments and convenience shopping, friendly caller/visitor, home handyman, etc.—and programs—bimonthly Lunch N Life, physical fitness and exercise programs, craft projects, etc.—for residents over the age of 50.

A new Shepherd’s Center of Western Fairfax County ( (SCWFC) has recently been formed with 25 concerned citizen volunteers to serve our elderly residents of Clifton, Centreville, Chantilly, and surrounding neighborhoods. At present, we only have enough volunteers to offer assisted driving for medical appointments and food pickup at the Western Fairfax Christian Ministries food pantry. As more volunteers join us, we plan to grow our services and programs using the SCA model and assistance from the other Centers.


How is Shepherd’s Center of Western Fairfax County doing?


SCWFC has been a tremendous success from its onset. SCWFC progressed from an initial concept and task force to an operating Center in just five months, faster than any other Center in SCA.

Initial forecasts, based on experiences of other Centers, predicted we would make five assisted drives our first month and we hoped to get to twenty drives by our first year's end. In fact, we made ten drives our first month, February 2015, and will complete 50+ drives per month in December 2015.

Client satisfaction and feedback is very positive. Our elderly residents need transportation to get to basic services and Fairfax County cannot fulfill all the needs.


How can you help?


There are a number of ways we can partner to provide much-needed services and programs to enable our elderly residents to re-tire "in place" while still living a life of meaning, importance, and integrity:


  • Please consider volunteering with us as we need Drivers, Office Staff, Programs Managers, Board and/or Council Members, Treasurer, and other assistance. The more diverse our volunteer base becomes, the better we will meet the needs of our residents. 
  • Please consider becoming our agent within your respective faith group, community groups, fraternal orders, and other groups with whom you associate. We would like to enlist as many groups as possible into becoming one of our Sponsors. We will shortly be publishing acknowledgements of our Sponsors in multiple yearly mailings and on our website. 
  • Please assist us in getting our presence more widely known in our communities such as posting our flyers in your church bulletin board, get one of our articles into your weekly bulletin, getting a short article into a newsletter, and help us find opportunities for us to speak to members of your communities to reach new clients and volunteers. 
  • We seek churches and community groups who could provide in-kind support such as printing our newsletters, mailing our occasional letters, provide general office supplies and expendables such as printer paper and printer ink, and assistance with other incidental business matters. This helps us maximize our limited funds for the benefit of our clients. 
  • As we expand to offer programs, we will need access to meeting rooms, halls, and other physical facilities. We would appreciate-ate rent-free use of any physical facilities that you or one of your organizations may offer. 
  • We are an all-volunteer Center so 100% of all personal and/or group donations to our Center go directly to supporting our services and programs.
  • We seek churches and community groups willing to become our principal Sponsors with a commitment of $2500/year to anchor our fledgling Center. We will provide visible acknowledgement of these Sponsors in our mailings, our annual meetings, and with links on our website.
  • We are open to other ideas as to how we might partner with other groups engaged in providing services to our elderly resi-ents. Let us know how we can work together!